Ahead of the long-awaited iPhone 8 release, Apple is set to launch its next-generation mobile operating system at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference in June. The iOS 11 update is set to bring a slew of revises and fresh features that app developers must know about in advance to ensure the success of their apps this year.

A few days ago, Apple rolled out the iOS 10.3 update with plenty of new upgraded features, such as a new ‘find my AirPods’ option to easily track the wireless earpiece and improvements on the CarPlay feature. But, the highlight of the new iOS is the introduction of the Apple File System (APFS) that replaces the ancient HFS+. APFS is more efficient, saves more storage space on the device, allows better backups, more secure, and optimized for solid state storage. One of the company’s engineers even revealed that Apple has optimized the system animations on the mobile software to make navigation feel faster.

With plenty of new improvements in the latest iOS update, what new functionalities can we expect from the iOS 11? Read on below and take down some notes.

What can we expect from the iOS 11 update? Read on below and take down some notes.


Siri to be More Human

As interest in Artificial Intelligence deepens, Apple is working on developing Siri to be more human than ever before. In a Business Insider post by Sam Shead, the author revealed that Apple has a secret laboratory in Cambridge that works on Siri to make it sound more human and natural. A considerable number of the current staff working in the “secret” office at 90 Hills Road, Cambridge were previously employed by the voice recognition startup VocalIQ, which Apple acquired in 2015. Thus, it’s plausible that the tech company will update Siri with new capabilities when it comes to releasing iOS 11.

The company made a major improvement on Siri with the release of the 10.3 update, as it is now able to support paying and checking bills status through payment apps, scheduling a ride in booking apps, and access to the functionality of car maker’s apps. These improvements prove that a smarter Siri is now possible to achieve on the next iOS upgrade.

Device Compatibility

Just like the previous updates, we expect to see more devices to be compatible with iOS 11. Based on the list provided by iOS11 updates, the iPhone 5s, SE and above will be able to run the new software, but the iPhone 5 and 5C won’t be able to run it as the new iOS supports 64-bit apps while the latter handsets are only capable of running a 32-bit processing chip. Similarly, only the iPad Mini 3 and higher models will be able to get the update. While the iPad Air 2 comes with a 64-bit chip, it still won’t make the cut. However, it will remain on the market, as featured by O2 in their post focusing on the iPad, as it remains a competitive tablet running iOS 10 with access to 1000s of productivity apps. For the iPod, it seems only the Touch 6th- generation will be compatible with the new mobile software.

Note: If you think jailbreaking your incompatible iOS 11 device would work, then think again. The latest iOS 10.3 is said to “break any jailbroken devices.” So, if you value having your device unsecured, then steer clear.

No more 32-bit apps

After years of encouraging developers to update older apps to make sure they are compatible with the 64-bit processors, Apple will begin to enforce a stricter rule with the iOS 11 update. The tech firm already warned people when they released the iOS 10beta version that a note would prompt users upon installing 32-bit apps (Official note: This app will not work with future versions of iOS).

Research from the mobile data firm Sensor Tower cited that almost 200,000 apps could be rendered useless when Apple release the new iOS (8% of all apps in the App Store still support 32-bit). Apple removed over 47,00 apps last fall, so it’s inevitable that they will remove move in the coming 6 months.

Plenty of new features are also expected to arrive on the iOS 11, such as the following:

  1. Group FaceTime Calls
  2. Share screen via iMessage and/or FaceTime
  3. Built-in video-sharing app
  4. Social features in the Contacts app
  5. Continuity for Apple Music, Podcasts or iTunes
  6. Voicemail transcription improvements
  7. Multiple users / Guest mode
  8. iMessage for Android

September will be a very busy month for the California-based tech giant. The new mobile software is expected to be launched alongside at least two new handsets in time for the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the iPhone. While the iOS 11 has not been announced publicly yet, the aforementioned list of features could always change before its expected launch in June. Nevertheless, it’s ideal to consider the following new features and functionalities when developing apps this year.