In the past few days I’ve been browsing the internet with a single purpose- to find this year’s top app development agencies. After reading a bunch of content from other app development professionals, journalists, tech bloggers and the like, I realized that there are many good companies out there, and that everyone has a different favorite.

So I decided to curate a list of the best of the best – companies that everyone agrees are awesome at what they do. The list below is made of agencies that can turn your business idea into revenue-generating works of art, win a few awards along the way, and still remain friendly and transparent.

So, let’s get down to it, shall we?


1.  Y Media Labs

y media labs

Source: Y Media Labs

About the agency: You will hardly find a list of top app development agencies out there that doesn’t mention Y Media Labs. The company has more than 200 employees, has been around since 2009, and develops apps for both Android and iOS.

What they’re known for: Y Media Labs has created PayPal’s mobile payment solutions, L’Oreal’s and Credit One’s mobile solutions, but perhaps their biggest achievement to date is their award-winning omnichannel retail solution for Home Depot.

Motto: We build what others don’t dare to.

Customer quotes:

“Y-Media moves like a well-oiled machine for us and we find ourselves, again and again, asking for quotes and doing work with these folks.” – Wlliam Anderson, CEO, BrightPlanet

“They are genuine visionaries with incredible center and care towards their work, the company and the representatives.” – Massey T Ruth


2. WillowTree

Willow Tree Apps

Image Source: Willow Tree Apps

About the agency: WillowTree has been building apps since 2007, and has since built more than 300 of them. It is based in Charlottesville, Virginia, and currently employs just under 200 people. It develops for Android and iOS, but also for the web.

What they’re known for: WillowTree is regularly mentioned in the media as one of the very best app development agencies the States have to offer. Inc. Magazine has named it one of the ‘fastest growing private companies in America’ – for four consecutive years. Its clients include Johnson & Johnson, AOL, Time Warner, American Red Cross, and many other prominent businesses.

It is also known for all of the awards it keeps in its glass showcase. Glassdoor’s Employees’ Choice Award in 2017, five W3 awards, People’s Choice Webby Award in 2013, and the Appy Awards Winner—Gold 2016, are among them.

Motto: We Take Mobile Personally

Customer quotes:

“WillowTree is a great partner and brings a lot of mobile expertise to the table. They are truly committed to the success of the project and work closely with our team.” —Dave Weiss, CTO BabyCenter LLC, Johnson & Johnson

“WillowTree suggested many things for the app that we hadn’t thought of. They helped create buzz around the launch and the press really picked up on the augmented reality—even Associated Press wrote about it.” —Zach Wheat, Director of Web Communications, UVA


3. Appster

appster apps

Image Source: Appster

About the agency: Appster is an Australian app company headquartered in Melbourne, but has offices in San Francisco, USA and Gurgaon, India. It employs close to 400 people, and works mostly with high-tech start-up companies.

What they’re known for: It *wants* to be known as the world’s first ‘ideas company’, but it’s currently more famous for winning multiple awards for the amazing work it’s been doing. So far, it has won (among others) BRW’s award for Most Innovative Company (2014), and Telstra’s Victorian Medium Business Award.

Motto: We build disruptive app startups & help organizations thrive.

Customer quotes:

“Appster was our first choice, they are hardworking and reliable. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience.” – Hamish & Andy

“I found them quite efficient in meeting the deadlines and making sure that what was promised was delivered.” Alex Prate, Founder, Realifex


4. Intellectsoft

intellectsoft app development agency

Image Source: Intellectsoft

About the agency: For the majority of reviewers, the first thing that comes to mind when Intellectsoft is mentioned is – serious. These guys really mean it. The company offers a low-code mobile application platform, allowing its clients to build and update advanced branded apps, fast.

What they’re known for: Intellectsoft’s specialties include enterprise solutions, product strategy and app development for multiple platforms. Its clients include Universal Pictures, Jaguar Motors, Qualcomm, Ernst & Young and the London Stock Exchange.

Motto: Great code, great company.

Customer quotes:

“We’ve given them a challenge, and they’ve met it …” – Program Manager, Holding Company

“They respected our wishes and bent over backward to make it right for us.” – Partner at 66 Mint.


5.  Fuzz

Fuzz app development agency

Image Source: Fuzz

About the agency: The company has been around for more than 13 years now, and has since created more than 300 apps and completed over 500 projects.

What they’re known for: Last year, Forrester Research named Fuzz among the “most significant vendors” for designing and developing B2C mobile applications.

Motto: Creating beautiful, usable products engineered to perform

Customer quotes:

“Fuzz were dynamic and accommodating of any request we made.” – Director of Business Development, Wearable-Tech Software Startup

“Overall, they have just been great with communication; that’s the key thing for me here.” – Innovation Manager, Packaged Goods Company.


6.  Fueled

fueled app development agency

Image Source: Fueled

About the agency: Fueled is a full-service digital agency that covers not only apps for iOS and Android, but also Facebook.On top of that, it offers digital design, development and branding strategy development. It is based in New York, with an additional office in London.

What they’re known for: Fueled’s products have led to ‘more than a billion dollars worth of sales through mobile devices’. It has worked on mobile projects for Porche, Verizon, Barney’s.

Motto: There’s an app, then there’s a Fueled app

Customer quotes:

“They delivered us nearly flawless code.” – COO at a Microdonation Platform

“We know a lot of good programmers but there are very few teams who design as well as Fueled.” – CEO at MysteryVibe


7.  Hedgehog Lab

hedgehog app development agency

Image Source: Hedgehog labs

About the agency: Hedgehog Lab is a multi-platform app development company founded in 2007. It is based all over the world, with offices in Austin, Boston, Newcastle, London, Copenhagen and India. It works with start-ups and the public sector, and has won multiple awards.

What they’re known for: As a technology consultancy firm, Hedgehog Lab develops for more than ‘just’ Android and iOS. It builds solutions for everything in the ‘post-PC’ world, including TVs, kiosks, and VR. Its clients include Financial Times and Mitsubishi, and has won multiple awards, including The Newcastle Business Award.

Motto: We helps brands & enterprises prepare for a future dominated by post-PC technologies

Customer quotes:

“Everything they’ve delivered so far has been very polished. They’ve been using their heads.” – CEO of a Digital Banking Platform

“My expectations were high, and they delivered. There’s nothing they could improve on from that point of view.” – Founder of Dooey


8. Appinventiv

appinventiv app development agency

Image Source: Owler

About the company: AppInventiv is a mobile app development company from Uttar Pradesh, India, and this one pulls major talent from all over the globe. It has offices in three continents and works with more than 200 experts.

What they’re known for: Vigilance, dedication, expertise. The company’s apps combined have millions of downloads. Appfuture, GoodFirms and Clutch named it one of the world’s top app developer last year.

Motto: Delivering Bespoke Mobile Experience

Customer quotes:

“AppInventiv’s engineers provide expertise on how things should be implemented.” – Founder, ROVO

“AppInventiv is an amazing team. Thorough, professional, talented and fun to work with. The outcome of the product was beyond expectations.” Raamayan Ananda, Veme, Spiritec & Ayana Water


9.   Octal Info Solution

octal info solution app development

Image Source: PRLOG

About the company: Another global behemoth in the world of mobile app development. Octal Info Solutions is a large IT company with offices in the UK, USA, Singapore, Italy and India. It was founded in 2004, and has since worked with more than 1,200 clients in 40 countries. It employs more than 150 experts, and focuses mostly on mobile app development, web design, custom software, SaaS and enterprise solutions.

What they’re known for: Octal builds apps for iOS, Android, but also for the Web, Cloud, and Open Source. The company builds Enterprise Solutions, and its clients include Skype, Vodafone, Fiat, Aviva, and many other Fortune 500 companies.

Motto: Technology Outsourcing Simplified

Customer quotes:

The kind of development services Octal delivered was expected, but in such a short span of time they did it was like a treat for me.” Mr. Dan Abeling NBL Media LLC

“Their expertise in PHP, CMS, e-commerce and many other web development platforms ensure quality as well as the touch of innovation it gets.” – Mr. Chris Weldon Prospect Hill Advisors, LLC


10.   Blue Label Labs

blue label labs app development

Image Source: Blue Label Labs

About the company: Last, but definitely not least, is Blue Label Labs. This New York-based company employs 36 people, and is a perfect example that company size is no prerequisite for exceptional work. It builds apps for Android, iOS, smart watches, TVs, VR and AR. It was formed in 2006, and has since built more than 100 iOS and Android-based apps.

What they’re known for: If you have a mobile device, chances are you’re using one of Blue Label Labs’ apps. It is known as an all-round app development agency, building apps for various industries like e-commerce, finance, insurance, games, health and wellness, and utilities. Its projects include Rudder, Printshop and Lunchboxery.

Motto: You have a partner in us

Customer quotes:

“The Blue Label project management team was easy to get a hold of and changes were easy to implement. The project finished on-time and on-budget. I could not ask for anything more. I will certainly use them for future mobile application projects.”Joseph M. Rukas, CTO at Conner Strong & Buckelew

“After researching the many different ways to develop a mobile app and talking to a wide range of companies, I am so happy to have picked Blue Label Labs to develop my mobile app. I came to them with an idea and they executed it perfectly. We’ve had a great response to the finished product, and look forward to working with Blue Label labs again on newer versions.” – Dr. Patrick Kelly, PT, DPT and Founder of Super Baby