Whether you want to finalize PayPal payments or send tacos to a coworker, Slack app integrations allow you to do a lot of cool things.

And now, thanks to Slack’s newest integration with Appsee, you can monitor your mobile app better than ever before.

What does this mean? Basically, this integration will enable you to track every crash and KPI change in your app. Any time there is a specific metric change within your mobile app (predetermined by your alert settings), you will receive an alert in Slack.

Each alert is in real-time and will contain a specific URL that links to the statistic in question. The statistic in question can be a percentile or an absolute value. This is totally up to you.

Let’s take a look at how these one-of-a-kind mobile app alerts can help you improve the monitoring and optimization of your app.


Crash Alerts 

The Appsee Slack app serves as an extremely powerful developer tool.

With this integration, you can set up precise crash notifications within your Appsee dashboard and receive real-time, distinct crash alerts in your Slack channel. These alerts can cover a variety of crash parameters such as overall weekly crash rates or crashes on a specific screen. Now you and your development team can detect and resolve crashes better than ever before.

Example Alert: Alert me any time my crash rate on the ‘My Cart’ screen exceeds 7%.

appsee slack app 1



Retention and Engagement Alerts

The Appsee Slack app can also help you monitor crucial UX metrics such as user retention and engagement KPIs.

Want to be notified exactly when your daily users drops below a certain amount or a session length rises above a certain time? The Appsee Slack app has you covered.

Example Alert: Alert me any time my daily users drops below 5,000.

appsee slack app 2


Funnel KPI Alerts

Last but not least, conversion funnel alerts. No matter whether your goal for your users is to ‘complete a purchase’ or ‘create an account’ you probably want to stay on top of your goal’s drop-off and completion rates. The Appsee Slack app allows you to do just that.

It provides real-time, accurate funnel alerts that can even be paired with user session recordings. With that qualitative data accessible straight from Slack, you can see instantly why certain users dropped off of your funnel(s).

Example Alert: Alert me any time my ‘Create an Account’ completion rate drops below 60%.

appsee slack app 3


Are you ready to set up these best in class alerts and start monitoring your mobile app more wisely?

If you already have an Appsee account, all you need to do is define a new alert and connect to Slack. It’s as simple as that.

Don’t have an account with Appsee? No worries. You can also access this unique integration via our free trial offer.


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