On average, an app today can have about 17.8 integrated SDKs. It might sound like a lot, but it actually makes total sense. Today’s apps are more advanced than ever before, which also means that they have particular needs.

These needs can stem from payment capabilities and geolocation, to in-app feedback and ad monetization. Yet, no matter an app’s category or OS, every app today relies on app analytics.

How many types of app analytics SDKs to be exact? Through in-depth stack analysis we discovered that the top mobile apps utilize five distinct types of app analytics.

Why do the top mobile apps rely on these app analytics and how can they benefit your product and business goals? We’ve created this nifty little eBook to answer those exact questions. In addition, we also provide you with actionable use cases and recommended solutions per analytics category. The selected solutions have been recognized and reviewed by top SDK researchers such as Gartner, Forrester, SafeDK, BusinessofApps, and G2Crowd.

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